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Ground Coffee


Ground Coffee

Sorpreso BRAZIL

Brazil Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Rainha. Coffee, fragrant in chocolate, enriched with peach and citrus freshness. Flavor rich and lush, with a mild caramel and floral flavor.

Sorpreso CREME

A well-balanced, freshly roasted blend that combines Arabica coffee beans to deliver a high quality perfect aroma and a rich taste. Fog covers the mountains where this coffee is grown, adding smoothness to its taste, while the warm humidity of the tropical forest brings out a rich aroma.

Sorpreso KENYA

Kenya coffee is considered as elite product and ranks among the top five coffees in the world. It is known worldwide for its rich floral aroma, very balanced flavor. The sweetness of the dried fruit is intertwined with citrus acidity, caramel and cognac – coffee is worth a slow try.

Sorpreso D’ORO

Special tasting Arabica coffee beans are grown in the tropical forests that covering an isolated distant country surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. This warm and humid climate creates the delicate and full-rounded taste of these coffee beans, while the flowers that grow abundantly on this island give it an unexpected flowery aroma. Arabica from Papua New Guinea will gratify real coffee gourmands.