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Travel Collection

Sorpreso BRAZIL

Brazil Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Rainha. Coffee, fragrant in chocolate, enriched with peach and citrus freshness. Flavor rich and lush, with a mild caramel and floral flavor.


COLOMBIA Medellin Supremo. It is an expressive and temperamental coffee. It is popular around the world for its rich taste and lush ‘body’. Discover the lingering aftertaste of nuts, bread and chocolate while you are enjoying this coffee. The mild acidity typical to all Arabica coffee beans makes it a drink with a character.

Sorpreso KENYA

Kenya coffee is considered as elite product and ranks among the top five coffees in the world. It is known worldwide for its rich floral aroma, very balanced flavor. The sweetness of the dried fruit is intertwined with citrus acidity, caramel and cognac – coffee is worth a slow try.


ETHIOPIA Sidamo. Gentle and mild, perfectly balanced coffee with a soft citrus aftertaste.

Sorpreso INDIA

INDIA Plantation AA. Mildly sweet coffee with a gentle cocoa and clove aftertaste. Popular around the world due to its low acidity.